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Queensland Beaches of Australia

Queensland Beaches

Queensland Beaches in the northern part of Australia rank among the best in the world for virtually every possible condition. The large selection of beaches along the 7400km coastline covers all environments from exciting large surf beaches to relaxing calm water beaches. The water temperature is comfortable, the sun beams down all year-round, and facilities at Queensland Beaches are convenient and useful.

This website aims to provide details about individual beaches in Queensland and everything else you need to know about making a visit to the coastline, such as safety precautions, what clothing to wear and how to keep the tropical coastline clean.

Where is Queensland?

Queensland is located in the northeast corner of Australia, and is the country's second largest state. It covers an area of 1 722 000 km2, with a coastline stretching for 7400 kms. The capital is Brisbane, located in the southeastern corner of the state. The State is bounded by 4 waterways, all with their own characteristics:

1. In the northwest, the Gulf of Carpentaria is a large body of water that shoulders the most sparsely populated part of Queensland. This area has very few beaches and is not renowned for it tourist potential. However, this region is very beautiful as an outback location.

2. At the very tip of Queensland is the Torres Strait. This is a narrow channel filled with small islands. The islands in this area are stunningly beautiful and have remarkable beaches, but access is difficult. Tourist access to this part of the country is limited.

3. Stretching from Cooktown to Mackay is the Coral Sea. This is the tropical zone where the water is very warm and calm on most days. The beaches are always sun-drenched, and offer spectacular fishing.

4. From the southeastern corner of the state to Mackay, the vast Pacific Ocean rumbles onto the beaches creating surfing conditions. Beaches in this area include Surfers Paradise and Noosa, and are the most frequently visited in all of Queensland.

The Beaches

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