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Fitzroy Island - Nudey Beach

Fitzroy Island

Despite the fact that there are no nude beaches in Queensland, this island beach seems to get away with it. Located on the southwesterly side of the touristy Fitzroy Island, the beach is partially covered with sand and also partially covered with loose dead coral. You can walk on all this coral - it's just not as soft as the sandy bits.

Most people who visit Nudey Beach keep their clothes on, and it is rare to see anyone nude. But the point is you do have the option.

To access Fitzroy Island, you need to take the Fitzroy Island ferry. This ferry leaves Cairns multiple times every day from Cairns City. When you arrive at the island, there is a 1.8-kilometer walk through dense rainforest to reach the beach. Of course, there are other beaches all around the island, but Nudey Beach is the nicest of them all. The leisurely walk to the beach will take 15-20 minutes if you walk all the way, but if you want to stop and take in the views it will take longer.