Beach information in Queensland Australia
Queensland Beaches of Australia

Queensland Coastal Climate

The climate along the Queensland coast ranges from hot and humid in the far north, to comfortable cool temperatures in the southeast. The region never suffers from the chilly cold like many other places around the world, which makes Queensland an ideal beach location. You can swim at every beach along the entire 7400 kms of coastline at all times during the year!

Beaches in the south of Queensland such as Surfers Paradise, Noosa Heads and Fraser Island, enjoy some of the most comfortable temperatures in all of Australia.

During summer, this region has highs of 28 degrees and lows of 20 degrees. These temperatures drop to 20 degrees and 9 degrees in the winter. Water temperature during summer is approximately 25 degrees, and 19 degrees in winter.

In contrast, temperatures in the northern region of Queensland are hotter and much more humid. In Cairns, summer temperatures reach over 31 degrees during the day. However the true temperatures experienced by people in the tropical region is higher than this due to the humidity levels that often reach over 75%. It is common for 35-degree days over the Christmas period in Cairns. The nighttime temperatures in Cairns during summer drop to a balmy 24 degrees. During winter, days reach 26 degrees and drop to 17 degrees at night. The water temperature during summer is a bathtub resembling 29 degrees. During winter the water temperature drops slightly to 25 degrees.

The changes of seasons follow this manner:

Summer (Wet Season): December - February
These months experience the highest rainfall, and can also be accompanied by thunderstorms and the occasional tropical cyclone in northern tropical regions.

Autumn: March - May
Autumn in Cairns is the time to cool off and recover from the hot wet season. The difference between autumn and summer is slight in the north, but the cooler temperatures are more noticeable in the southern parts of the coastline.

Winter: June - August
This time of the year is generally regarded as the most pleasant in every sense of the word - low rainfall, comfortable temperatures during the day, and cool nights. The days are sunny, and even though this is the coldest time of the year, it remains hotter than many places around the world in summer.

Spring: September - November
The spring months are very similar to the autumn months. Locals start preparing themselves for the ensuing rainy season as each day becomes steadily hotter and hotter.